See your farm’s water tank levels on your phone, 24/7

HiLo is the smarter way to keep an eye on your water levels. Groundbreaking radar technology, combined with smartphone capability, lets you know how much is in the tank — no matter how far away it is. Perfect for monitoring stock water schemes across multiple properties.
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Stock water management meets time management.

Driving to check on water levels can be time-consuming and costly. There's a better way.

Save time and fuel

Cut back on water runs, free up resource and save on vehicle costs.

Reduce water wastage

Find out fast when you have a water issue so it can be repaired quickly, and save precious water.

How it works

A radar level monitor installed on the top of your tank sends readings to your phone via the Telstra 4G mobile network.

You can download the HiLo app from Google Play or the App Store. It's super-simple to set up, whatever kind of smartphone you have.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

A better way to measure

Our radar detects liquid levels with unbeatable accuracy and no probe to rust or deteriorate.
0.5% accuracy
No sensor maintenance or cleaning required
5+ year battery life expectancy
IP68 waterproof and built to last

Always on alert

Just in case you don't constantly check the app, it sends you notifications if your level gets low
Receive a txt to your mobile
Email and in-app notifications
High level, Low Level, and Leak Detection
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

DIY Installation

The monitor is easy to install on plastic or concrete tanks - as long as you have a drill. Simply make a small on the top of your tank for the sensor to see through, attach it to the top of the tank with the provided screws, then you're good to go.
Receive a txt to your mobile
Email and in-app notifications
High level, Low Level, and Leak Detection
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Frequently asked questions

How many tanks can I have on my app?
There is no limit to the number of tanks you can have in your app. Once you have more than 10, a search feature appears to allow you to quickly find the tank you are looking for.
Can my staff have the app on their phone?
Of course. You can invite as many staff or other users as you need. It's easy to do this from the app, but if you find it tricky, our support staff can help you.
Can I change the battery?
Yes, the battery is easily replaceable and can be ordered from us at a cost of $55 + postage.
How do I know if I have coverage at my tank?
Our monitors use LTE-M1 provided by the Telstra 4G network. If you're not sure if you have Telstra 4G coverage at your tank, feel free to share your tank location with us and we can check for you.
Do I need to be in line-of-sight with my tank to check the level?
No, once you have set your monitor up, you can check the level from anywhere you have internet access.
How often do I get level updates?
Your tank monitor will check the level every 15 minutes. If it detects an alert level, it will notify you straight away. Otherwise, you'll get a full picture of what's happened in the tank every 6 hours. If you need to, you can reduce this time to 4 or 2 hours but this will reduce the life of your battery. You can change the update rate easily in the app.
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