Meet our leadership team

A group of visionary individuals with extensive expertise in new technology development and a passion for driving innovation in the field of remote liquid management.
Jesse Teat
Founder & CEO
Introducing Jesse, our CEO and hardware wizard. With a background in electronics and a passion for innovation, Jesse's expertise and forward-thinking approach drive us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize remote liquid management.
Mark Butler
Founder & CTO
Mark, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is not your average tech guru. With a genuine passion for the Agriculture industry, he's constantly exploring fresh ideas and innovative features to give farmers the upper hand in managing their water-related challenges.
Sean McMahon
Director & Business Development Manager
Meet Sean, our Director and Business Development Manager. With a wealth of experience as a business owner and sales expert, he plays a pivotal role in growing our enterprise partnerships. Sean's expertise and dedication drive our success in expanding our network and unlocking new opportunities.