About Us

It all started with the humble water tank.

The most ubiquitous of landmarks right across New Zealand, both in paddocks and in backyards. But keeping an eye on levels was always so difficult — especially when you have multiple tanks over a wide area. We set out to find a better way.

In 2017, Waterwatch was born. We created a new kind of product using radar to monitor levels, rather than probes. A device that also sends real time updates to a smartphone app. Cheaper, easier, smarter, and more accurate, to boot.

In more recent years, our technology started being used to manage more than just water tank levels. Fuel tanks, wastewater, stormwater, rivers and lakes, to name a few. We also changed our name, from Waterwatch to HiLo.

As the conservation of resources becomes evermore important, we’re committed to making liquid monitoring more efficient. Our team in Dunedin, is constantly look to innovate, and improve in everything we do. From the products we design, to our ongoing after-sales support.