Simple, intuitive, cost-effective, radar level monitoring.


City Infrastructure

We provide innovative solutions for a wide range of urban liquid management needs. Our comprehensive offerings include sewer level monitoring, stormwater monitoring, ingress and infiltration monitoring, flood warning systems, and much more. With our advanced technology and expertise, we help cities tackle their liquid management challenges and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Radar monitoring at scale

Our robust radar monitors can be commissioned in minutes with bluetooth and our easy to use mobile app.
7m measurement range, 0.2% accuracy
Internal and external antenna options
IP68 (4 metres for 4 days)
Network time synchronised data collection
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Real time insights

Use alarms and the escalated reporting mode to get timely updates when issues arise in water infrastructure networks.
High and Low level alarms
Escalated reporting mode
Flexible notification system
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