Waterwatch is now HiLo!

Always know if your liquid levels are high or low.

Next Level Liquid Monitoring

We manufacture industrial-grade liquid level monitors, using radar technology, combined with smartphone capability.

This makes for an easy-to-use, remote management system.

To begin with, our product was mostly used by farmers to keep an eye on their water tank levels.

These days, our cutting edge technology is used by a variety of different industries, and government agencies, as well as domestic households.

So, whatever type of liquid you deal with, talk to us about how we can help you monitor it.

Water Tank Monitoring

Wether it's a farm tank in a stock water system or a tank outside your house, our tank monitors will give you peace of mind, allowing you to check the water level of your tank any time and any place.

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Optimise bulk fuel delivery with HiLo remote fuel level monitoring.

Environmental Water Level Monitoring

HiLo provides reliable river, lake, and sea level data to government organisations throughout Australasia.

City Infrastructure Monitoring

HiLo Radar level monitors are the perfect tool to gain remote insight into stormwater, waste water or flood protection infrastructure.